I didn't want to lose you
(before it happened, August 2002)

Midnight again. I watch through my rain-speckled window as dying storm clouds spit out a heaven of sleeping stars. They slice through the black velvet blanket above with innocent, naked light. So carelessly perfect. So perfectly careless. I envy those infinite lights... They can see you at this very moment and caress your face with silver kisses...and I cannot. Why must midnight and rain mingle so perfectly? They remind me of us. I'd never been embraced like that before. Never. I remember falling asleep in your arms as the early morning hours swallowed my consciousness. Your gentle fingers traced the pulse of my temple just as sleep covered my eyes. So carelessly perfect. So perfectly careless. I'm not obligated to admit that our perfect mingling was only a dream... It's raining again. Just as quickly as the stars came, they cover themselves with a fresh cloak of tempest pitch, and disappear. No more silver kisses tonight, my love... Rain taps again at the window. Let me in... So persuasive. So tempting. The graceful droplets weave in and out of each other, become each other...if only for a moment. Suddenly, I know the secrets of rain. So do you.