The Last Chapter
(after it began to die, in May 2002)

I am through with this... There was once a time (not so long ago) when I welcomed evenings with open arms and ready words, for I knew you'd saunter through the shadows with all your unintended nonchalance...and steal my sighs away. You haven't made an appearance since too long, and although I miss your carelessly gentle ways, my love has been replaced with indifference. No words have been exchanged in nearly a month. No words have been exchanged in ages. There are no words to fill the silence that you've left - intentionally. Would it be so exasperating just to let me know you're alive? To tell me of your days? Your nights? To sacrifice a few moments of your precious hours to say I miss you ? I love you ? Perhaps you do not feel the same tiny daggers that pierce the tender skin of my heart's memory. I have no way of knowing, and I will not ask. Silence and shadows will shade us from each other until you find your way through them - if you find your way through them. You shall not know my voice again. These days were not ours; I know that now. You were a vision that I conjured, an idea, an illusion, and I loved you. What a tragedy - to love a character that someone else created. We were merely the last few chapters of a breathtaking novel. The story ends here?