I Will Dream for Both of Us
(forgotten moments, April 2002)

Your shadow just retreated to its favorite hiding place. My fingers still tremble, as if they're waiting for....something. I have waited for you for months now. I have waited for you forever. Tonight we saw what was not there, as we usually do. We saw familiar spirits. We danced without a melody, our hearts not considered. We allowed Love to make fools of us. Perhaps it is Love that I want to hurt instead. You.... You dwell in the realm where I place all I esteem as worthy and beautiful, that place where treasures are hidden and doors are locked. I would never - I could never - hurt you. We have devoured each other. I realize that now. You could do so much more than hurt me. You could make my days too long to endure. Gray would be my landscape, and fretful dreams, my prison. You could slay me with the truth...and you'd understand. It is not each other that we endeavor to destroy.. Love has done that to us all by herself. Tonight I will hold you as we sink into our lies - our comfortable, lovely lies - . For there is no future on what still has to happen. And we shall dwell where doors are locked and treasures are hidden. I will dream for both of us.