Before i fall asleep
(one evening, March 2003)

Nearly a month has passed since my fingers have touched these pages, and although I've felt sporadic pangs of the guilt that only lovers of sentiment know, I have deserved to be free of words. I was starting to view the shrouding of night's shade as the death of day, and I despised that. Night became a prison, and I, a prisoner. Dreams became demons among a world that damned all my desires, hopes, and a heart which danced to the melody of its forbidden love. I talked to you, though you could not hear me. I made promises to you as the moon silently watched...and listened. I chose a star from the brightest corner of heaven and gave it your name. And silently, just as the moon listened, the star looked at me. Just as I wished the sea peaceful dreams and left my spot on the rock, I heard windchimes in the distance, and I knew that you - that we - were real. Then it's silence once more. Silver danced upon the sea as I retreated for the evening. I felt the light of your star on my shoulders as I turned to go.