She is my secret
(a night, February 2003)

Dusk has fallen, leaving her silhouettes against a canvas of crimson heaven. She seduces my senses and lingers on the gentle zephyr for what seems like an eternity. The shadows return from their elusive retreat, and once again they shroud my wake and protect the mystery that I have grown to love. I am going somewhere, yet my flesh remains still. My destination rivals the secret that has stolen my heart and senses. Paths are clear, veiled only by the masks of daydreams and the longing for her return. She was once a fragment of my most secret thoughts, an innocent participant in the most vivid of my dreams. Now, as the cloak of dusk deceives my sight, I know that he was a reality all along, a constant shadow in the crevices of my darkest corners. Tonight, Heaven smiles with his cruel brightness, and I can only hope that God hears my plead before she does. I still feel her curls wrapped about my fingers, and I clutch the nothingness that has stolen their place. My senses are filled again, and I remember... The gentle zephyr returns from oblivion and caresses the skin that cloaks my soul. She dwells there as well; I feel reality carving her name upon my heart. Distance dissolves amidst dreams of love and pellucidity... The miles between Heaven and Earth could be no fewer than they are tonight.